About Us

Back in July 2017, Chris arrived in Oman to take over the drive show at Hi FM and loved having the studio to himself. However, the management decided to make the show loud and brash with a focus on oversharing more personal information than is socially acceptable - that's where Rachel comes in. 


We quickly became best mates and had the #1 show in the country, beating everyone else doing a show at the same time and any other time for that matter. We quickly made our mark on-air and across social media, bringing in a loyal but weird audience. However, even though the relationship was strong and there was still great chemistry, Chris wanted to spice things up a little and moved back to the UK. In an attempt to work through our issues, and for the sake of the audience, we decided to create a new podcast that combined all the best bits of our previous radio show alongside topics and subjects we never dare go near before.

Chris Birks

Rachel Chew

I love F1, drink too much coffee and my three favourite words in the English language are unlimited breakfast buffet. 

My laugh is unmistakable and I once got kicked out of science class at school for talking too much. I overshare. A lot.

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